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Kid Fitness & Nutrition:

Although kids today seem wiser and have more technology than in any time in our world’s history, their bodies are more unhealthy and filled with more disease than ever. There are many demands on children’s attention these days; but, unfortunately, very few of these involve healthy levels of interactive play or physical activity. 

The increasing number of obese children and youth throughout the U.S is a critical health threat. Since the 1970s, obesity rates have more than doubled in preschool children aged 2–5 years and adolescents aged 12–19 years, and more than tripled in children aged 6–11 years (Institute of Medicine 2004). Nine million American children are at increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and myriad other morbidities due to being overweight (Lobstein, Baur & Uauy 2004). 

If you’re looking for a way to transform the health and fitness of your family while having fun in less than 90 days our upcoming book Karate Kid Fit is for you.  A total body fitness system that incorporates Martial Arts techniques such as kicks, punches, self defense that is fueled by life giving nutrition is for you. We will coach you step by step at home in the areas of nutrition, health and self defense.  Our program will teach you everything you need to know to improve your health and fitness with nutrition, fun exercises and self defense training while learning a valuable skill that could safe your child's life. 

See our Services page for a detailed description of this exciting book and video workshop.

Our programs focus on the Pillars of Fitness: Power, Flexibility and Endurance. Your child will learn the proper application of the Mind, Body and Spirit concepts with a foundation built on effective nutritional habits.

Our new book is designed for parents and children to work together as a team, training together. Parents partner with their children to strengthen minds, bodies, and spirits and reinforce family bonds. This is Health & Fitness with a Purpose!

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Warning! Bullies and Strangers:  

My name is G. A. Shannon. I've been teaching martial arts for the last 30 years. Through those years of training I've had some great experiences and I’ve been able to save many lives including my own. A police officer for the last 25 years, I work with and protect children and have seen many children become victims because they were not prepared.

Once in a while I see kids who escape from bullies, gang members and kidnappers by showing courage and making the right decisions, but sadly there are also stories of children who never return home and are unable to escape from these situations.

Many tragedies can be prevented if children learn some basic safety tips and self-defense techniques. For this reason I'm recommending this book to you and your children. It’s time to fight back.

Children are the most victimized segment of our society. On average 2,185 children are reported missing each day. While both boys and girls can be abducted, more than 66% of reported child abduction victims are girls. Protecting children my chosen mission, is a lifetime responsibility for parents and guardians. At different ages the risks to children's safety changes. Some risks are constant, and some change as the child grows.

While there is no guaranteed way to ensure a child's safety, parents and guardians must do what they can to decrease the risk. Parents and guardians are the key to children's safety and future.

There are a few things that can be done to make our children safer. Parents and caretakers should improve their knowledge of safety concerns for their children when it comes to bullying and stranger awareness. They can improve the self-confidence and assertiveness skills of their children. 

As a result the children will be safer, be able to see danger signs, and stay away from potential offenders. That’s the purpose of this book. Parents and caretakers can work through the contents of this book along with their children to increase awareness of the dangers of bullying and how to deal with it; the realities of stranger danger and how to keep safe from it; and the basics of self-defense.

These important subjects deserve our full attention. Our children’s lives are at stake.
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